Neighbor To Family's signature service provides evidence-based, specialized foster care to sibling groups. Special emphasis is given to achieving permanency goals for children within 12 months of placement.

There are nearly 500,000 children in foster care in the United States and between 65% and 85% of them enter care with least one sibling.  It is estimated that only 25% of these children are placed with all their siblings.

The sibling bond is unique; it may be the longest lasting relationship in a lifetime. There are strong indicators that siblings who are placed together in foster care experience higher rates of stability, a decreased length of stay in foster care, and suffer less trauma.

At Neighbor To Family:

  • Sibling groups are placed together in a single home;    
  • Birth parents are held accountable for the long-term well being of their children;   
  • The role of the foster parent is  professionalized; and,    
  • Planning for permanency is a consistent, purposeful team effort.



The Family In-Home Resource & Support Team (FIRST) is Neighbor To Family's innovative prevention and diversion program. Designed to prevent the placement of abused and neglected children into foster care, FIRST provides intensive, family-centered, strength-based and solution-focused services in the homes of families in crisis.  The ultimate goal of FIRST is to preserve family unity and promote the safety and well being of children and their families.