Nurturing Parenting program

Strengthening families through Services, Training, Academic and Recreational Activities. 


This service is offered in Bartow, FL. These provisions are accomplished by Independent Contractor (IC) Nurturing Parenting Facilitators assessing the needs of the client and their families that have been referred to the agency; understanding the client’s parenting perspective; assessing the client’s level of risk in five specific parenting and child rearing behaviors; and assessing the client on six protective factors. The IC Nurturing Parenting Facilitators assess, identify, and facilitate evidence-based Nurturing Parenting Program Classes using family-centered initiatives, training techniques, and tools designed to build nurturing parenting skills as an alternative to abusive and negligent parenting and child-rearing practices using lessons that can be delivered in a group-based setting, individualized or home-based setting, or combination of individualized, home, and/or group settings.

In addition to group, in-home, and individualized parenting services, the IC Nurturing Parenting Facilitators provide Coached Supervised Visitations. This specialized service incorporates the key Nurturing Parenting Program’s core competencies and Adult Adolescent Parenting Inventory (AAPI-2) Assessments which are constructed to evaluate parental visits. The family receives one-on-one coaching and support to improve the families’ skills before, during, and after a supervised visitation. This service complements ongoing parenting services or can be used to assess and evaluate the need for additional services.

These nurturing parenting classes and services are aimed at meeting the needs of each child and parent, to empower the family to achieve an understanding of the original reasons that resulted in the Department of Children’s involvement and/or caused the children’s removal, and equip them with the tools to become self-sufficient, more informed, and better parents.